Clickadu Ad Network Review 2017

Clickadu is a relatively new ad network that allows both advertisers and publishers to maximize their revenue through the latest technology in online advertising. By joining Clickadu, customers can expect to increase their traffic through a range of ad formats and take advantage of daily conversions on active campaigns. Many publishers have already joined the network and benefited from high eCPMs worldwide.

The platform itself hosts a large variety of ad formats such as pop-unders, banner ads, push-up ads and more. Clickadu also offers mobile ads to advertisers as well as different methods of displaying these on mobile devices. The platform works well with small sites and has a good fill-rates, excellent CPMs and a timely and reliable payment schedule. Tech support comes via email, Skype and a ticketing option which directs queries to the best department.

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Ad Blockers: Five Important Facts for Publishers

For a glimpse at how fast an online trend can spread, look no further than ad blocking. PageFair says that 11% of the connected global population use ad blockers to prevent certain types of inventory from showing on their screens, but that figure could rise even further if studies are to be believed.

Of course, publishers are hampered by the revenue lost from ads that don’t appear, which makes it all the more important for them to take note of new developments within ad blocking and to act accordingly.

As ad blocking readies itself for more growth around the world, here is a selection of five points that website owners should bear in mind.

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Ero-Advertising Ad Network Review 2017

Ero-Advertising is a popular adult advertising network which started out in 2006. The group is based in the Netherlands but offers online multi-language support for any non-Dutch publishers.

Sites using the network benefit from weekly or monthly payments, made in Euros, which are available to those that reach the minimum earning of €10. Some of its impressive line-up of desktop inventory includes instant messenger functions, page-peel ads and redirects, as well as popular elements like display banners and interstitials. The network also boasts a strong range of mobile ad options for publishers targeting users on smartphone or tablet.

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Best adult ad networks 2017

The internet is packed with reviews on the best adult ad networks. We wanted to cut through the noise with our own examination of the top 10 most popular networks for the adult niche, based on the aspects that directly impact the work of their publishers.

Our overview includes information like the CPM they pay, their types of offers, ad formats, fill rates, quality of support, minimum payouts as well as the frequency of their earnings.

We also tried to highlight the pros and cons of each adult ad network, based on our daily experience of working with them, and this is what we found.

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What is Header Bidding and How Does It Work?

Its user base might be growing, but header bidding is yet to fully take itself beyond the limitations of ad tech buzzword towards the status of widely understood concept.

For the benefit of those that still can’t get their head around what it means, where it came from and where it’s heading, we’ll look into these three points in the hope of bringing some clarity to the process.

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What is ad mediation and how does it work

So what exactly is ad mediation? Ad mediation is a relatively new term and technology in online advertising that refers to the process of acting as an intermediary, or “mediator” between a publisher and several ad networks to which he or she is registered to. Most publishers will usually sign up to multiple ad networks to help maximize the revenue from their inventory, however, managing these multiple networks can often be quite a headache, in addition to the fact that the way in which traditional ad networks operate, does not necessarily guarantee higher earnings from signing up to more ad networks.

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ExoClick Ad Network Review 2017

Since 2006, ExoClick has grown to become ranked the 4th largest ad network in the world

If your site is in the Adult, Lifestyle, and Entertainment niche, ExoClick is the right ad network for you!  ExoClick will ensure your ads perform better than your competitors.  As a large publisher for the adult niche, your ads can be published in over 20 different formats with optimized and behavioral targeting.  ExoClick launched RTB demand and native advertising this year.

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AdsTerra Ad Network Review 2017

AdsTerra is a relatively newer ad network that was founded in the year 2013. In just a short amount of time, it has become a large and active ad network with publishers and advertisers from around the world. It has earned a good reputation, by offering safe advertisements for publishers, and access to quality sites for advertisers.

They have a wide variety of ad formats like Pop-under, Push up Ads, Banner Ads, and more (complete list included in this article). They are also offer mobile ads and have a lot of different formats and methods of displaying ads on all mobile devices. In addition, AdsTerra has some of the highest CPM rates around for publishers, and with a 100% fill rate, you can be sure that the ads will appear 100% of the time. Publishers looking to monetize their sites will be happy to know that AdsTerra has a timely and reliable payment schedule.

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