Ero-Advertising Ad Network Review 2017

Ero-Advertising is a popular adult advertising network which started out in 2006. The group is based in the Netherlands but offers online multi-language support for any non-Dutch publishers.

Sites using the network benefit from weekly or monthly payments, made in Euros, which are available to those that reach the minimum earning of €10. Some of its impressive line-up of desktop inventory includes instant messenger functions, page-peel ads and redirects, as well as popular elements like display banners and interstitials. The network also boasts a strong range of mobile ad options for publishers targeting users on smartphone or tablet.

Ad Types:

For Desktop

  • Display Banners
  • Text
  • Instant Messenger Pop up
  • Pop Ads
  • Interstitials
  • Layers
  • Page Peel Ads
  • Redirects
  • In Video  Plugin
  • IP TV Redirects
  • Thumb Ads
  • Movie Ads
  • In-Text Ads

For Mobile

  • Display Banners
  • Movie Ads
  • Layer Ads
  • Redirects
  • Full Page Ads
  • Interstitials

For IPTV/Console

  • Display Banners
  • Movie Ads
  • IM Pop Up
  • Pop Ads

Offer Types:

CPM (Cost per Mile)

Traffic Types

Desktop, mobile, tablets and IPTV/Console.

Targeting Options

Geographic, languages, site-specific

Payment Rules

Ero-Advertising issues payments in Euros for any earnings exceeding €10. It supports popular payment services like PayPal and Paxum as well as wire transfer. The conditions for each of these are as follows:

PayPal – There is no charge for withdrawing via PayPal. However, PayPal itself may apply a 3-5% charge on any money received via its platform.

Paxum – Ero-Advertising does not apply a charge for any transfers made via Paxum.

Wire (bank) transfer – Ero-Advertising does not apply a fee to wire transfers. The only charges are likely to be applied by the bank whose account is receiving the money.

Transfer times for each of these methods will vary from instantly to a few days. For PayPal and Paxum, you can expect to have your earnings transferred over within a matter of hours. For bank transfers this can take up to four business days.

Payments are processed every Monday afternoon between 12:00pm – 6:00pm CET. That means if you reach the €10 minimum payout on Sunday, you will get paid the following day. If you’re opted into the monthly program, the payment will arrive on the Monday that follows a period of one month. For example, after reaching the minimum payout on Saturday June 3, 2017, you would be paid on Monday July 3, 2017. Had you reached the amount a few days before, you would be paid on the same day.


Publishers benefit from multi-language online support with a few options of getting in touch. For a quick response there is the option of online chat, which offers speedy service for anyone speaking Portuguese, English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Greek. For this, a delay of 30 seconds can be expected. There is also the option of Skype, while email is available for those with more elaborate questions.

For answers to some of the more typical queries, head to the site’s FAQ sections (available for publishers and advertisers) or its list of terms & conditions.

Terms, Conditions, and Other Notes:

Ero-Advertising’s site contains an outline of its definitions for certain terms as well as a number of clauses in using the platform. The headlines are:

  • There are no guarantees over the availability of relevant ads, as failure to fill all spots leads to the placement of ‘alternative ads’.
  • Unlike some networks there is no minimum traffic requirement, so there is an opportunity for small publishers to start earning on the platform. All publishers do however need to be approved, which can take between 1-2 days.
  • No more than four ad codes are allowed on a single web page and the site must contain some form of content; it cannot be made purely out of ads.

Not all content is accepted on the platform and Ero-Advertising explicitly names a list of forms which are not accepted to appear via advertisements. These are:

  • Illegal activities like child pornography, contents which lead to or are the consequence of abuse or exploitation, or sexual conduct with animals.
  • An image which was produced and/or distributed without the subject’s or owner’s consent.
  • Criminal offenses like those promoting illegal drugs.
  • Content containing violence or discrimination of some form.
  • Illegal activities like SPAM, phishing, URL spoofing or SPIM.
  • Promotion of illegal software, namely spyware, stealth dialers and scareware.

Falling foul of these conditions could lead to the permanent or temporary removal of accounts and even the refusal of payments.

Referral Program

Ero-Advertising has an active referral program which offers publishers a 10% revenue boost through banners ads. These are available in seven different languages, which helps when targeting users in specific countries.

CPM rates

You may compare Ero-Advertising’s CPM rates with other ad networks by countries here.


  • Minimum payout is €10, delivered either weekly or monthly
  • Support is offered via Skype, online chat and email
  • European geos benefit from boosted CPM rates
  • Has a self-service platform for conducting manual adjustments to campaigns
  • Offer back URLs find a home for any traffic that goes unsold


  • Tier-2 and tier-3 countries are hampered by low rates of CPM

Final thoughts:

Ero-Advertising represents a strong proposition for adult publishers that want to start monetising their traffic right away.

The group serves ads in over 200 countries and with the backing of multi-language support and customer service via email, Skype and online chat, it’s easy to see why it has grown around the world. European geos are subject to good rates of CPM and although tier-2 and tier-3 countries will typically earn less than they might hope for, every publisher benefits from a good range of mobile and desktop formats.

There would be a struggle to better Ero-Advertising in the payment stakes as none of its available options in PayPal, Paxum and wire transfer apply charges from the network’s side. The only caveat is the processing of fees every Monday, which can max out the waiting periods of one week or one month. However, given that publishers attracting any number of visitors can earn as little as €10 and still make a withdrawal, it’s clear that Ero-Advertising does what it can for the smaller sites.

On top of the regular benefits, publishers can opt into a referral program offering a 10% commission boost and use a self-service platform for manually tweaking their campaigns.

On the whole, Ero-Advertising offers a well-supported, far-reaching service for adult publishers, particularly those new on the scene, that want to get earning without too much hassle.

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